Secrets to Building a B Corp Consulting Practice

An Introduction | taught by LIFT Economy & Conscious Brands
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Kristiana Fox, MBA

Would highly reccomend!

Definitely worth the money to invest in for anyone thinking about becoming a B Corp Consultant. The videos were excellent and there was a ton of gray information about pricing strategy, best consulting practices, negotiating. I really appreciated ...

Kristiana Fox, MBA

Definitely worth the money to invest in for anyone thinking about becoming a B Corp Consultant. The videos were excellent and there was a ton of gray information about pricing strategy, best consulting practices, negotiating. I really appreciated ...

LIFT Economy & Conscious Brands
LIFT Economy & Conscious Brands

About the Instructor

Matt Mayer
Conscious Business Catalyst, Conscious Brands

Matt believes that business can be a force for good if success can be redefined to consider profit for all stakeholders, rather than solely shareholders. Helping organizations be bold in their vision as well as building systems embed and accelerate action is where Matt thrives. His slant is on building capacity for the organization to make progress rather than on the traditional "diagnose and create dependency" advising model. Matt holds a Masters of Science degree in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability and a Bachelor of Commerce degree in General Management.

Ryan Honeyman
Partner, LIFT Economy

Ryan Honeyman is a consultant and co-author of The B Corp Handbook: How You Can Use Business as a Force for Good. Ryan helps businesses like Ben & Jerry’s, King Arthur Flour, Method, Klean Kanteen, and Nutiva become Certified B Corporations and maximize the value of their B Corp certification.

Ryan has written articles for the Stanford Social Innovation Review, Fast Company, Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, Utne Reader, and TriplePundit. He has also been a featured speaker at SOCAP, Bioneers, the B Corp Champions Retreat, CatalystCreativ, and the Sustainable Enterprise Conference. Ryan holds a B.A. from the University of California, Santa Cruz and a M.Sc. from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Going forward...

As you embark on your BCorp Consulting journey, if you have any questions, comments or feedback regarding this course, please don't hesitate to reach out to Ryan Honeyman at


People often ask "how do I become a B Corp consultant?" Over the past few years, Ryan Honeyman (Partner at LIFT Economy and author of The B Corp Handbook) and Matt Mayer (Sustainability Sherpa at Conscious Brands) have taught a series of courses for folks interested in becoming B Corp consultants. The goal of these courses is to provide a succinct, step-by-step overview of the tools, resources, and best practices we have learned about B Corp consulting


The benefits of participating in the self-study course include, but are not limited to:

  • World-Class Expertise: Learn from two of the world’s top experts on B Corporations
  • Evergreen Content: Participants will retain access to the content in case you want to watch a session again
  • Ongoing Access: After the course is finished, participants will have the option of joining a larger community of practice for B Corp consultants (i.e., folks who have completed earlier courses).

After participating in our courses, participants will be able to:

  • Inspire prospects by communicating the value of joining a global movement to redefine success in business
  • Confidently respond to both high-level and detailed questions about the B Impact Assessment
  • Pitch, propose, and deliver a B Corp consulting contract
  • Build their thought leadership by publishing and speaking about B Corps
  • Network and engage with the existing B Corp community
  • Use the B Impact Assessment as a lens to identify other client needs (e.g., helping motivate and engage employees, helping clients create their mission, vision, and core values


Julie Fahnestock, Founder at B Storytelling and graduate of our second cohort, wrote the following articles about her experiences as a participant in the live version of the Secrets of B Corp Consulting:


"I had been watching the B Corp movement from a distance for several years. When I wanted to take a deeper dive I turned to the pioneers of B Corp consulting, and all around B Corp experts, Ryan Honeyman and Matt Mayer. After a highly positive experience as part of a virtual learning group, I decided to continue on with their advisory services in order to build out an in-depth specialization in helping companies on their B Corp journey. Matt and Ryan have both proven to be exceptional strategic advisors and coaches. They are generous with their extensive knowledge and unique experience and constantly seek new ways to add value for their clients. I would enthusiastically recommend Ryan or Matt to anyone looking for specific expertise related to B Corps or sustainability consulting more widely."

- Andy Schmidt, Pearl Consulting Services

"Ryan has been a valuable and effective consultant for Ben & Jerry's in helping us to benchmark key aspects of our supply chain. Ryan is great to work with; he is personable, professional, and responsive. We look forward to continuing our work with Ryan in the future--not only because he provides value in the space of "measuring what matters," but because Ryan's work supports the growing movement of businesses that are aspiring to be better for the world."

- Cheryl Pinto, Ben & Jerry's

"Ryan’s guidance through B Corp certification was incredibly worthwhile and valuable. Going through the B Corp certification process helped us identify gaps in items like our employee handbook, our local community engagement efforts, and how we communicate our environmental programs to our stakeholders. We are now the first B Corp-certified olive oil company in the United States, and the first B Corp-certified wine business in California. I highly recommend using his services."

- Samantha Dorsey, McEvoy Ranch

"Conscious Brands assisted with Genuine Health’s B Corp certification, making it a pleasurable and quick process. From their excellent kick-off meeting and planning tools to the weekly check-in calls, Conscious Brands was clear, helpful, supportive and great to work with. Their quick turnaround, willingness to go the extra mile, enthusiasm and expertise was very much appreciated and made the hard work a lot of fun. In fact Conscious Brands was so helpful that we were one of the fastest B Corp certifications! Thank you Conscious Brands for being truly conscious of what matters most, both in the universe and in business.”

- Tara Stubensey, Genuine Health

"In working with Conscious Brands on our B Corp certification we were not only provided with attentive and genuine service, but truly felt as if we had a partner through the entire process. They are outstanding communicators that worked diligently with us to ensure we understood every step of the process. Their energy, organization and sincere commitment to sustainable business practices helped motivate and guide us along as we worked together to achieve our goal. So impressed by that to this day we continue to work together on various initiatives - these guys really are the very best at what they do.”

- Shaun Daniels, Nature's Fare Markets

Course Contents

13 Videos
4 Quizzes
6 Surveys
20 Texts
20.0 hrs

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